DNS Management
DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS logs on our distributed DNS infrastructure servers of nginexperts.DNS is a very effective system for your business and we register bluk domains for organizations for multiple purposes.Also we provide New domain extensions & transfer Domains services.

Dedicated Servers
We provide dedicated web space for your mobile application , websites and online stores , also we are providing set ups for mail domains and servers. A dedicated service and a support assistance for the dedicated server is being provided by Nginexperts.

Shared Servers
Both Linux and windows based shared servers are provided by Nginexperts for smaller and medium sized business and online store. Users can pay less and get more benifits with our shared hosting services. A less time to get started for server setup and your site is live. Comes with Cpannel ,Apache , Php configured addons etc

Cloud Based Hosting Services
Nginexperts provide hosting for websites on virtual servers with a great response rate and up timeour expert assusre you for the dedicated super fast bandwidth based on hosting . We are fully equipped with cloud based maintence services for your organizations.
Business / Enterprise Email account
Keep Your Team upto date with your organization email accounts . We make email set ups in minutes for your organization. Based on the type os servers and related hosting youare using we are configuring the emails . For email service we charge for the configuration service once and the account is being ready to use

A dedicated server with hardware for your website which includes a dedicated expert from Nginexpert for monitoring your IT services. Our VPS services are very attractive and on other hand the services witha hardware is being provided to the end user. We recommend VPS for larger websites and mobile applications.

Bulk Website Maintenance
Nginexperts offers a new service of Bulk Website Maintenance by acting as an in house IT support team for your organization and providing 24/7 support assistance for your websites and mobile apps. Our team manages your different websites and related databases with an assurance of data security and quality of services.

Annual Service Maintenance Contract
We have an Annual Service Maintenance Contract service for our customers who wants to relax and wants our expert to work for thier IT support services and we act as a virtual team . Nginexperts provides dediacted support assistance and many more features in its Annual subscription plan.

Nginxexperts Cloud Computing Services

AWS Services

Great multi-tier application architectures to manage your cloud services that includes images , servers , softwars and databases. AWS provides Quick deployment of the IT services as well as it is centrally managed so that it becomes very easy for the end users to get the benifits of the cloud computing services using AWS services.

Benifits :

1) Quick Deploy

with these the It services can quick discover as well as deployed using an individual service portal

2)Centrally manage

A complete centrally managed syon,stem so that user can add any newer versions of their applications and get updated with the latest technology . No more time consuming process and tedious cycle to resolve the updation process with this centrally managed AWS servcies.

Microsoft Azure

A public cloud computong platform is provided , from a leading and pioneer of technology Microsoft , It provides a range of cloud services , including analytics , storage and networking services .

Microsoft Azure provides Cloud Services for :

Web and Mobile | Data storage | Analytics | Networking | CDN (content delivery network)

with these the It services can quick discover as well as deployed using an individual service portal

Google cloud platform

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform by Google that offers hosting on the same supporting infrastructure that Google uses internally for end-user products like Google Search and YouTube. Cloud Platform provides developer products to build a range of programs from simple websites to complex applications.

Google cloud provides Cloud Services for :

Web and Mobile | Data storage | Analytics | Networking | Development & Test | Retail & Commerce | Gaming | Genomics

Digital Ocean

Nginxexperts also provides service for configuration and support assistance for Digital Ocean cloud computing manage a robust infrastructure with features like our API, Floating IPs, Shared Private Networking, and Team Accounts.

Benifits from Digital Oceans :

1) Multiple Datacenter Locations

2)Easy to Deploy

3)Team Accounts

4)Reliable and Available


Now get your product , website or application connfigured with an open cloud computing service 'RACKSPACE' ,our experts are very well trained for service and assisance support and configuring the servers with an open cloud community Rackspace.

Dedicated hosting solutions from Rackspace :

1)Dedicated Servers



4)Storage and Networking


Boost your applications and website with Linode services and support. Nginxexperts works round the clock for your product. Get the most out of Linode services and exciting features.

Benifits from Linode :

1)Two-Factor Authentication

2)IPv6 Support

3)Rescue Mode

4)Cloning and Supported Distributions

5)Node Balancer


7)Managed System

Just relax &
let us do the heavy lifting

Now just get regestered with Nginexperts and rest of all the things will be done by our experts,Now no more tiresome process to host your site on web. With Nginexperts you will get 24/7 support assistance for your site to host on the huge online market.
  • Initial Setup & Customizations
  • Regular Updates
  • Round The Clock Support

Dedicated Project Base Servers

Choose from a wide range of servers.

We are pre-equipped with our resources

Being a leading hosting service provider we are well wquipped with all tools which will be helpfull to give a boost to your web business
E-Commerce Solutiion
One stop solution for your online store to browse faster and annual maintenance services
Powerful Technical Support
Every single IT service solution within minutes , DNS - Servers - Hostings - Mail set ups
Secure Encryption Support
Password Protect Directories , Secure FTP Access , IP Blocking Hotlink & Leech Protection

Configure your dedicated server today with just 50$ monthly charge